Is it bad to listen to pumped up kicks?

Should you listen to pumped up kicks?

Ultimately, as long as kids enjoy the melody and know that the violence is not glorified, the song is good for anyone aged 12 and up.

What is pumped up kicks protesting?

What is pumped up kicks protesting? Its main message is to show the rising problem of teen gun violence and how the columbine shooting really brought to attention that this can be dangerous even in schools. This song fights for a change, and there is conflict between two parties.

Is Foster the People psychedelic?

Indie rock trio Foster the People make atmospheric, psychedelic, dance-oriented pop music. Formed in Los Angeles in 2009, the band’s single “Pumped Up Kicks” first received significant airplay on KROQ in 2010, and online attention soon followed.

What jingles did Mark Foster?

Foster The People – Muscle Milk

Mark Foster was a professional jingle writer before Foster The People hit the big time. He wrote ads for Cadillac, Bing and California Tourism, but this promo for Muscle Milk protein shakes is worth noting.

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