How much did Aloe Blacc make for Wake Me Up?

Did Aloe Blacc get paid for Wake Me Up?

Aloe Blacc Explains Why He Didn’t Receive Billing For Avicii’s Hit ‘Wake Me Up’ … Despite the song’s exorbitant popularity, the only artist credited is Avicii, the record’s producer. In a HuffPost Live interview on Thursday, the singer clued us in on why his name is noticeably absent from the platinum hit’s billing.

Did Avicii sing his own songs?

The answer is actually surprisingly simple: Avicii doesn’t sing. … That means that every track on his debut album True is written, produced, and mixed by him…but sung by different guest artists. While other similar DJ/producers often credit their guest artists (like “Sweet Nothing feat.

Who sing Wake Me Up Avicii?

Who is Aloe Blacc’s wife?

How much did avicii make on Wake Me Up?

Late EDM legend Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” is Sweden’s most-streamed song worldwide, worth well over $6 million from its staggering 1.25 billion streams to date. Alan Walker’s “Faded” has become Norway’s most popular export, earning the DJ over $6.5 million off of nearly 1.4 billion streams.

Does avicii have a kid?

The DJ did not have a wife or kids. He was dating a Canadian model named Raquel Bettencourt when he was 25 – even moving in with her in California – but the two split in December 2014.

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