How long does EVGA Step Up program take?

How long is the step up program?

The Community Step Up Program is a six-week program, free of charge for older adults who require a multi-disciplinary team to help restore their functional abilities, improve their quality of life, and allow them to live independently or with the support of a caregiver in a community setting.

How long is the queue at EVGA?

Please note that you have 20 hours to place your order, otherwise the product will be released back into queue system. EVGA ELITE Members have 24hr early access to join the queue on all newly launched hardware.

How do I check my EVGA step up status?

Visit, login to your account, and go to the My Products page from the Member dropdown menu at the top of your screen, or simply click here. Once you’ve located your product, click View Details and you will see your product’s warranty, active RMA status, and/or Step-Up status.

What is a step up program?

Step Up, is an award-winning (NASPA Gold) bystander intervention program that teaches students how to intervene in problematic situations including alcohol abuse, hazing, depression, sexual assault, discrimination, anger, eating disorders, academic misconduct, and more.

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How do you become an elite member on EVGA?

To qualify for Elite membership through community involvement, in this instance, just means either having watched enough EVGA Twitch streams to have accumulated 5,000 E-points, or having posted 100 posts on the EVGA forum.

How long does it take to get a 3070?

OriginPC is estimating that it will be around 29 to 31 business days right now before it can ship you an RTX 3080 machine, but only 6 to 8 days for either an RTX 3070, or the RTX 3090 big boi.

How do you get on the EVGA waiting list?

Here’s how it works: You head to the EVGA store, find the product you’re after, and hit the notify button. Once this product is in stock, those next in the waiting list will receive a secure email notifying them of availability.

What is an EVGA Elite member?

EVGA ELITE membership is our way of showing our thanks to our returning customers, new customers with a select video cards, or forum members who contribute to our community. ELITE status may entitle you to exclusive offers or unique opportunities not available to non-ELITE members.