How is Mary Barra a transformational leader?

Is Mary Barra a leader or a manager?

In her 38 years at GM, Barra has been an executive assistant, plant manager, product developer, and HR leader, among other roles before she became CEO. During their conversation, she highlighted several principles and tips that have led to her success.

Is Mary Barra an ethical leader?

Ethical Leader Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors is changing the culture of one of the largest automotive companies applying ethical leadership. Since being appointed CEO in January 2014, GM has experienced impressive positive guidance under Mary Barra’s ethical style.

How does Mary Barra treat her employees?

Under Barra’s leadership, the company acts with integrity and encourages staff to be creative. … They crave for leaders who encourage them to open up, be honest, and always listen to their issues. Additionally, they also want leaders who treat them with respect, empathy, and fairness.

What are some the factors in Mary Barra’s life that have influenced her values?

The main factor that influences her values was her parents as she credits her parents for developing all-important core values about integrity and hard work. Her parent’s support and ethics make her more cooperative and follow collaborative style.

What kind of leader is Susan Wojcicki?

The particular leadership style was characterized by substantial humility and trust towards the employees. She had displayed rapid growth in both her personal and professional life which displays the effectiveness of the Susan Wojcicki leadership style.

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