How do you spell rev up?

How do you spell revving up a motor?

Increase the speed or rate of, enliven, stimulate, as in Bill revved up the motor, or They looked for ways to rev up the ad campaign. The verb rev is an abbreviation for revolution, alluding to the rate of rotation of an engine.

What does rev mean?


Acronym Definition
REV Reverend
REV Review
REV Revised
REV Revision

What does Rev D up mean?

informal. : very excited a rousing song that got the crowd all revved up He came home all revved up because he had won the tournament. She is revved up for her trip.

Is rev a proper word?

Rev, as a verb or a noun, is a shortened form of revolution. As a noun, it’s a rotation of the motor or the number of rotations in a minute. The word has been around since the early 20th century, following the invention of the automobile.

What does rev mean in text?

Increase an engine’s speed (from Revolutions Per Minute or RPM)” is the most common definition for REV on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

What does rev stand for in the Bible?

The word “reverend” mentioned in the Bible refers to the name of God. Thus, to give honor to pastors being one of the persons closest to God, they are called reverends.

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What is rev short for church?

(written abbreviation Rev., Revd) a title for a priest of the Christian Church: the Reverend H. Clark.

What does it mean to throttle someone?

1 : to strangle or choke (someone) 2 : to reduce the speed of (an engine) by closing the throttle valve. throttle.

What is the opposite of revving up?

Near Antonyms for revving (up) calming, soothing, subduing, tranquilizing.

What is the synonym of accelerate?

hurry, quicken, rush, speed (up), whisk.