How do you explain hold up?

What means hold up?

to continue to operate or be able to do things, esp. after being repaired or being ill: I hope the spare tire holds up until we can get to a garage. She is holding up well despite her problems.

How do you use hold up in a sentence?

to use or present someone or something as an example She’s always holding up her children as models of good behavior. His ideas were held up to ridicule.

What does hold up in court mean?

To be legally proven before a judge in a courtroom at the courthouse.

What’s causing the hold up?

What does holdup mean? A holdup is a delay or something that causes a delay. It’s frequently used in the phrase What’s the holdup? —meaning “What’s the cause of the delay?”

What is another way to say holding up?

What is another word for holding up?

supporting bracing
standing shoring
maintaining shouldering
trussing bearing up
keeping up setting

What is the meaning of to hold forth?

intransitive to talk for a long time about something that is important to you, often in a way that other people think is boring. Dave was holding forth on the subject of politics.

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What does it mean to hold court in the streets?

If someone holds court in a place, they are surrounded by a lot of people who are paying them a lot of attention because they are interesting or famous.

What does fat chance mean?

Very little or no possibility, as in A fact chance he has of coming in first, or You think they’ll get married? Fat chance! A related expression is a fat lot, meaning “very little or none at all,” as in A fat lot of good it will do her.