How do you describe growing up?

What is a good word for growing up?

Synonyms & Antonyms of grow up

  • age,
  • develop,
  • grow,
  • mature,
  • progress,
  • ripen.

What does it mean to truly grow up?

You may be familiar with the phrase “grow up”, typically used in conversation to imply a person should be more mature in one way or another. … Humility — a respect for individual insignificance in the grand scheme of the world; a perspective that one person is no more or less important than others.

What is the process of growing up called?

human development, the process of growth and change that takes place between birth and maturity. Human growth is far from being a simple and uniform process of becoming taller or larger. As a child gets bigger, there are changes in shape and in tissue composition and distribution.

What growing up means to me?

To me growing up means becoming more sensible with years and reflecting that in your work and while speaking to someone. It also means learning to take responsibilities, especially in family matters, and to an extent, taking the whole responsibility of your words and activities.

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What are different ways to say grow up?


  1. advance.
  2. age.
  3. enroot.
  4. establish.
  5. evolve.
  6. expand.
  7. flourish.
  8. foster.

What is the synonym of grown-up?

In this page you can discover 26 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for grown-up, like: mature, adult, grown woman, full-grown, developed, , full-fledged, grown, grown man, grown person and of-age.

What makes a person grow up?

In general, being grown up indicates that you’ve evolved into a new stage in your life in which you take your career, relationships, and future more seriously. At the very least, you have more concern for your future needs and are no longer as easily persuaded by shallow thrills and aimless meandering.

What does it mean to grow up and mature as a person?

Maturity is rooted in the concept of change, which implies that change is necessary for growth. A child must change—physically, emotionally, mentally—in order to eventually become an adult. That’s what maturity literally means. A child who doesn’t change at all will always remain a child.

Is grown up informal?

“Grown-up” has a certain childish ring to it, you might use it if you are writing from the perspective of a child or childish person. If you are trying to be informal but not immature, “grownup” would probably be best.

What do you call a grown-up child?

The word remains “children” regardless of their age. You can elaborate on that with “grown-up children” or, more awkwardly, “adult children” but if you’re explaining that somebody’s children are a lawyer and a politician then their adulthood is implied. Child: son or daughter of human parents.

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When he grew up meaning?

1. phrasal verb. When someone grows up, they gradually change from being a child into being an adult.

What are the 7 stages of development?

There are seven stages a human moves through during his or her life span. These stages include infancy, early childhood, middle childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, middle adulthood and old age.