How do I update WorldShip ups?

How do I get the latest version of UPS WorldShip?

You can obtain the newest version of WorldShip® immediately by selecting Download WorldShip below. This version of WorldShip supports Microsoft® Windows® 10 operating systems. Note: To use WorldShip software, you must have a UPS account number. To open an account online, visit Open an Account Online.

Is there a WorldShip 2021?

Note: WorldShip 2021 will only upgrade WorldShip 2019 (v22) and WorldShip 2020 (v23).

How do I reinstall ups WorldShip?

Installing from a shared drive:

  1. On the Welcome to the WorldShip Setup Program screen, select Next.
  2. Accept the UPS Technology Agreement by selecting I Accept.
  3. On the Setup Preferences screen, choose the following: …
  4. On the Setup Review Screen, confirm your information and select Begin Installation.

How do I install WorldShip on my server?

Insert the WorldShip software CD into the drive and begin the installation. Choose a language, click “Next” on the “Welcome to WorldShip Setup Program” screen, then select “Workgroup Admin (LAN Admin)” on the “Installation Type Selection” screen. Choose the shared Microsoft folder to install the WorldShip software.

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How do I use UPS WorldShip software?

To process a shipment: Select a Shipper and a Profile. Enter the Ship To address information. Enter the Ship From address information.

Specify the shipment-level details, such as:

  1. A UPS service, package type, and billing option.
  2. Shipment-level options.
  3. Shipment reference numbers.
  4. Special instructions for the shipment.

Does UPS WorldShip cost money?

UPS WorldShip, FedEx Ship Manager, and USPS Click and Ship are 3 examples of this software, generously provided by their respective carriers. They are extremely popular and widely used among e-commerce companies. The big draw to these programs is that they are free and relatively easy to learn.

What is World ship?

WorldShip® is a full-featured, Windows®-based, global shipping software, which is available in over 100 countries and multiple languages. WorldShip gives you access to the complete portfolio of UPS package and freight services.

Where are archived shipments UPS WorldShip?

n Start WorldShip. n On the Home tab, select Search History. n On the Home tab, select Archive/Restore and then Archive Shipments. n In the Archive Shipments window, select All Shipments, or specify a date range, and then click OK.

How do I install UPS WorldShip on Windows 7?

n On Microsoft Windows 7: Click Start on the Windows taskbar, point to Programs and UPS and select WorldShip. n On Windows 8: In the Start window, click the UPS WorldShip tile. n On Windows 10: In the Start window, click All Apps, and then click the UPS WorldShip tile.

How do I install UPS?

How do I install UPS?

  1. Start the control Panel (Start – Settings – Control Panel)
  2. Double click UPS.
  3. Check the “Uninterruptible power supply is installed on” box.
  4. Select the COM port the UPS is attached to be selecting from the drop down list.
  5. Enter the settings in the UPS Configuration control group.
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How do I add a remote workstation to UPS WorldShip?

Install on a Single or Workgroup Workstation

The Shipping window appears and then the UPS WorldShip Help window appears. workstation, enable remote access by selecting the Tools tab, Remote Workstations, and then Enable/Disable Remote Access.

What’s my UPS account number?

To find your UPS Account Number, you’ll need to login to your UPS account and navigate to Profile > Payment Options. If there is no UPS Account Number then you will need to create one. You can do this by utilizing the “Add a Payment Method” dropdown and selecting “Add New Account”.