How do I set up voicemail on iPhone 7 AT&T?

How do you set up voicemail on iPhone 7 AT&T?

Set Up Voicemail

  1. To set up your visual voicemail, from the home screen select the. Phone app.
  2. Select the Voicemail tab, then select Set Up Now. …
  3. Enter a 7 to 15 digit voicemail password, then select Done. …
  4. Select Default to use the default greeting. …
  5. Your voicemail inbox will be displayed.

How do I activate voicemail on my iPhone 7?

Apple iPhone – Set Up Voicemail

  1. From a Home screen, navigate: Phone app. Voicemail. (lower-right). …
  2. Tap. Set Up Now. . If the ‘Set Up Now’ …
  3. Enter a password then tap. Done. . …
  4. Re-enter the password then tap. Done. .
  5. Tap. Custom. to record a greeting. …
  6. Tap. Record. to begin.
  7. When finished, tap. Stop. .
  8. To complete, tap ‘Done’ or ‘Save’.

Why is my voicemail unavailable on my iPhone 7?

There is a chance that visual voicemail is currently unavailable as your carrier is facing outages. … Try changing your voicemail password, updating IOS, resetting your network settings, turning airplane mode on and off, or restarting the Phone app.

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Why is my voicemail not working on my iPhone 7?

Verify that Voicemail is set up on your iPhone

Some updates may change or reset your configuration and cause new issues. Therefore, before you proceed, open Phone and tap on the Voicemail tab to ensure that voicemail is set up. You can also go to Settings → Phone → and make sure you see Change Voicemail Password.

Why am I not able to setup my voicemail on my iPhone?

Make sure that you set up your voicemail. To check, dial your phone number from your iPhone. Call your iPhone from another phone and try to leave yourself a voicemail. Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset Network Settings.

How do I setup my voicemail on my AT&T iPhone?

Set up voicemail on your device.

  1. To set up your visual voicemail, from the home screen select the Phone app. …
  2. Select Voicemail.
  3. Select Set Up Now. …
  4. Enter a 7 to 15 digit voicemail password, then select Done.
  5. Re-enter your voicemail password, then select Done.
  6. Select Default to use the default greeting.

How do I activate my voicemail?

How to Set Up Carrier Voicemail on an Android Phone

  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Touch the Action Overflow icon and then choose the Settings command. …
  3. On the settings screen, choose Call Settings.
  4. On the call settings screen, choose Voicemail or Voicemail Service.
  5. Choose My Carrier, if it isn’t chosen already.

Why can’t I set up voicemail on iPhone?

Answer: A: You don’t setup voicemail yourself on the phone. Voicemail is a carrier feature, and they are the ones that set it up. The carrier decides if they support visual voicemail, or standard voicemail, and your account has to be provisioned by the carrier for it.

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How do you set up AT&T voicemail?

New voicemail and password setup

  1. From your wireless phone, press and hold 1 or the Voicemail key.
  2. Select your language preference.
  3. Create a 7 to 15-digit password.
  4. Select your preferred greeting.
  5. Listen to the brief voicemail tutorial.

Does AT&T support voicemail?

You can download the AT&T Voicemail Viewer app to your qualifying iOS or Android device and listen to your voicemail messages or even read them as text. Voicemail Viewer is only compatible with AT&T Voicemail or AT&T Unified Messaging voicemail services.

Where is the voicemail on iPhone 7?

Access voicemail – Apple iPhone 7 Plus

  1. Select Phone.
  2. Select Voicemail.
  3. Calling Voicemail. If your voicemail is calling like on this screen, your phone is set up correctly. If not, follow the next few steps.
  4. Select Keypad.
  5. Enter the Voicemail number and select Call. **004*#
  6. Select Dismiss.