How do I change handling charges on UPS WorldShip?

How do I change the default settings on UPS WorldShip?

To have your profile default from UPS Standard to a profile you created, follow these steps: On the Tools tab, select the Shipper Editor button. The Shipper Editor window will appear. To modify a shipper, select the shipper under Existing Shipper Numbers and select the Modify button.

How do I change shipping preferences UPS?

Track your package using your UPS InfoNotice number, found under the barcode. On the Tracking Summary screen, select “Change Delivery.” Select “Choose Another Delivery Option.”

What is additional handling charge for UPS?

The UPS Additional Handling Charge is an extra $8.50 charge for shipments that require special handling when being processed and handled by UPS. The charge applies to: Any item placed in a shipping container made of metal or wood.

How do you edit a shipment on UPS WorldShip?

Select the Edit/Reconcile Shipment button on the Home tab. UPS WorldShip displays the first package of the deferred shipment in the Shipping window. Edit the shipment information. If the shipment is complete, select the Process Shipment button.

How can I avoid UPS surcharges?

Keep It Simple

  1. Packages should weigh 70 pounds or less.
  2. Packages should not have dimensions greater than 48 inches on its longest side.
  3. Packages should not have dimensions greater than 30 inches on its second-longest side.
  4. Items should be fully encased in corrugated cardboard.
  5. Avoid cylindrical types of shapes.
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Does UPS charge extra for packages over 50 pounds?

UPS -0.20% are escalating their war on bulky items by levying $24 fees on packages weighing more than 50 pounds. Previously, packages weighing more than 70 pounds triggered additional handling surcharges.

Does UPS charge more for residential delivery?

Yes. UPS charges an extra fee to deliver to residential addresses.

What is UPS My Choice membership?

When you become a UPS My Choice Member, you choose where and when eligible UPS packages will be delivered. … If you’re not going to be home to receive a package, you can reschedule your delivery for another day, or you can even redirect your package to a convenient location.

What is a shipping preference?

Shipment preferences can be created to enable over shipment of products, or allow the creation of shipments without order information in the system. Over shipping preferences. Over shipment is the ability to ship more than an ordered quantity.

Can I pick up my UPS package before delivery?

Your Packages are Within Your Control

UPS Delivery Intercept allows you to interrupt your package before it’s delivered using your automated UPS shipping or tracking system–so you can return, redirect, or hold your package. It’s easy to use, but your customer will think you moved mountains.