How call data transform in activity?

How call data transform in activity in PEGA?

we need to write a custom function to call activity from data transform. Use callActivity function from expression editor. It is present in Pega-rules utilites function library. callActivity available in Pega-Rules is a void return type function.

How do you call a function in data transformation?

How to call Data-Transform from expression builder ?

  1. Create a data transform.
  2. Create an activity which calls the above data transform.
  3. Create a custom function which calls above activity.
  4. Use this function in the expression builder.

How do you call a data page in an activity?

In activity, there is an method “Load-DataPage” to run data page in activity here in parameter we have to give Pool ID- a unique value(in my activity i gave ABC), and in Data Page we have to give the datapage what we wants to call.

Can we call one data transform from another data transform?

Yes you could try a fake UpdatePage. Just take a page of the expected class and call the DataTransform on next step.

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Can we call decision tree from data transform in PEGA?

Hi, You can use pxEvaluateDecisionTable function to call the Decision table.

Can we call report definition in data transform in PEGA?

Yes Bhanu. You are correct! Use call activity function in the data transform, use the OOTB activity (Rule-Obj-Report-Definition. pxRetrieveReportData ) to execute the report definition.

What is data transform in PEGA?

The purpose of a data transform is to manipulate data in an application. Data transforms copy or manipulate data into the form you require. Data transforms can be used to convert data from one type to another, iterate over page lists, or page groups and copy entire pages at a time.

How can we call data page in data transform?

1) First you have to define that data page and DataPage class in pages and classes Tab. 2) Take “Set” Action, give target property and use source as the following syntax. D_CustomerDetails[ContactNumber:Param.CN].

How do you call a savable data page from data transform?

In the data transform configure the the Parameters tab to set all the fields for the new record. Configure the same parameters on the Data Page also and select “Pass Current Parameter Page”. Now call the savable data page from your flow action and pass the parameters. That’s it, pega will take care of the rest.

What are PEGA data pages?

In Pega Platform™ applications, a data page retrieves data from a specified data source and caches that data in memory. A data page manages the integration to the data source, separating business processes from any integration details.

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