Frequent question: Why does UPS charge for change of address?

Does UPS charge for change of address?

fees. Need To Change Your UPS Delivery Address In Transit? There’s A Fee For That. If you’re having a package delivered by UPS and want to change the delivery address while it’s in transit, be warned: this service will now cost you either $4 or $6 depending on whether you make the request online or over the phone.

Can you change UPS delivery address for free?

UPS My Choice® for home can help you manage your home deliveries to better fit your schedule. Signing up is free and it empowers you to change how, when, where and even to whom your packages are delivered.

How much does UPS charge for an address correction?

The fee for a UPS address correction is $15.90 per package.

Why does UPS charge a residential surcharge?

UPS defines a residential surcharge as a residential delivery made to a home, including a business operating out of a home. … UPS and FedEx charge a higher rate for residential addresses. In short, this additional charge is due to the inconvenience of delivering one shipment to a single location.

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How do I change my address with UPS?

You may also change your delivery address on Select the Tracking tab and enter your 12-digit InfoNotice number (found above the barcode) in the Tracking or InfoNotice numbers field, and select the Track button. On the Tracking Summary page, select the Change Delivery button.

Does UPS charge for undeliverable packages?

Undeliverable Package

The UPS service guarantee does not apply to Undeliverable Packages that are returned to the sender. An undeliverable returns surcharge will be applied in addition to other applicable charges.

What happens if a UPS package is delivered to the wrong address?

If the driver delivered your shipment to an alternate location, you should have received a UPS InfoNotice that indicates where the shipment was left (for example, a neighbor’s house or leasing office). … The sender will then follow up with you on the progress of your shipment.

How do I change my address?

To update:

  1. Visit the Official Postal Service Change of Address website. The USPS charges a $1 fee to verify your identity when changing your address online, so you’ll need a credit or debit card.
  2. Call 1-800-ASK-USPS. …
  3. Ask for Form 3575at your local post office.

How do I change the shipping address on a package?

How It Works

  1. Verify that your shipment is eligible for Package Intercept.
  2. If eligible, you can submit your request online after logging in with your account.
  3. After submitting your request, you’ll be provided an estimated total (intercept fee plus estimated Priority Mail® postage, if applicable).

Does UPS charge more for residential delivery?

Yes. UPS charges an extra fee to deliver to residential addresses.

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How do I fix UPS incorrect address?

Fixing an Incorrect Address

  1. Select the Tracking tab along the top of this page.
  2. Enter your Tracking Number and go to the Tracking Details page.
  3. Choose the Correct My Address button.
  4. In the Address Modification window, choose an option from the drop-down menu in the New Delivery Address section.

What is delivery area surcharge UPS?

DAS or Delivery Area Surcharge is a per carton fee charged by our small parcel carriers for deliveries to higher cost-to-serve zip codes. … DAS charges are applied by the following small parcel carriers; FedEx and UPS. The charge applies to both small parcel ground and air shipments.