Frequent question: What is a top up purchase?

What does top up your account mean?

Top up—add money to your bank account quickly and easily. … A top up simply means adding money to your account so you have enough balance to cover any upcoming payments.

What does top up mean in investing?

Topping up means buying more shares of the same mutual fund that you already have. And ideally, doing it on a frequent schedule, such as monthly or quarterly. At this point, many start to ask, “For how long should I top-up my mutual fund investments?”

What is TopUp? is a website that facilitates mobile credit transfers from country to country or self-catering cell phone top up in 140+ countries worldwide. It helps expats send mobile credit to their families and friends as a gift or constant support, and makes available 300+ mobile operators.

What is top up used for?

Mobile top-ups are also called mobile airtime or recharge.

It’s a simple way to send phone credit to your family or friend’s prepaid mobile phone so they can call, send messages, or surf the Internet depending on their phone company’s options. You may also know it as top-up, minutes, recharge, refill, load or airtime!

Should you top up shares?

Investing extra cash is generally a good idea if you’re younger and you may want to consider an investment strategy that could allow you to retire early if you wanted to. But if you’re closer to retirement and in a stable job, topping up your super could be a better option.

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What is top up fund value?

Top-up is a facility provided in Unit Linked Life Insurance Policies. It is a flexibility that is not provided by traditional policies and is only offered by ULIPs. It is an amount that can be paid by a policyholder at any point of time to increase his fund value without much charges attached to it.

How do you top up mutual funds?

Important points to note for Top-up SIP

  1. Investor has to opt for the Top-up SIP option while enrolling for the SIP facility.
  2. Most AMCs allow minimum Top-up amount as Rs. …
  3. Once enrolled, the SIP Top-up details cannot be modified. …
  4. Generally Top-up SIP is allowed in all such schemes in which SIP is allowed.

Is Topup com safe?

Reliable. Always a great service awaits for me there.

What is talktime Topup?

Reliance Jiooffers unlimited validity period in 12 top up recharge vouchers priced from ₹ 10 to ₹ 5,000. … Talktime refers to the value received by the subscriber in form of amount of money or minutes in a prepaid account on activation of a recharge coupon or voucher.