Do Transformers have feelings?

Do Transformers have emotions?

No one goes into a Transformers movie expecting sentimentality or complex emotions. Nor does one expect the Transformers themselves to have a mosaic of inner thoughts and feelings. … But an emotional robot is exactly what audiences are getting in the franchise’s latest installment, Bumblebee, opening Dec.

Do Transformers have souls?

It is a Transformer’s soul and life force wich resides within the chest and is protected by the Laser Core, the spherical shell that protects the Spark and connects it to the neural system. … Every Cybertronian has one. If they don’t, then they are probably deceased, unless they turn into a Terrorcon.

Do Transformers grow?

Enlarging. Conversely, Transformers have been known to grow in size when assuming their altmodes — the most prominent example is surely Astrotrain, whose space shuttle mode could become large enough to convey a whole contingent of Decepticon warriors, and even allow Devastator to form inside him.

Is bumblebee in love with Charlie?

Clearly, in this PG world, though, Charlie and Bumblebee aren’t meant to be lovers. Charlie is matched with Memo, and their love story is meant to be the backbone of the story. … Bumblebee is the Autobot who most deserved an origin story — which is why Bumblebee exists in the first place.

What is a kiss player?

The name or term Kiss Players refers to more than one character or idea. … The series derives its name from its (controversial) gimmick, which involves Transformers getting “power-ups” when they are kissed by human girls – the eponymous “Kiss Players” – who fuse with the robots and share their adventures.

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