Do MLB players choke up?

Do any MLB players choke up on the bat?

There is one major exception: Believe it or not (and you may find this very hard to believe), Barry Bonds—the greatest home run hitter of all time by the numbers—choked up on the bat. He claimed he did it for greater bat control and even claimed that by using less of the handle, he got more of the barrel to work with.

What is a choke up baseball?

To choke up on the bat is an adjustment that a hitter will make by sliding their hands up on the bat, away from the bottom knob, in order to gain more control over the bat and to increase bat speed.

Do you lose power when you choke up on a bat?

So, we see that the speed of the tip of a choked-up bat can be higher and the average speed be lower. Since the average speed of the bat determines the exit speed of the ball, choking up indeed sacrifices power hopefully in exchange for a higher probability of contact.

Does choking up increase bat speed?

In short, choking up on the bat helps players have better bat control, increases their bat speed, and prevents players from getting jammed. Choking up on the bat is also a strategy many players use to put the ball in play when they have two strikes in the count.

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Why should you choke up on a bat?

Sliding the grip a bit toward to top of the bat, which is known as “choking up” on the bat, brings the bulk of the mass closer to the rotation axis; it reduces the rotational inertia. For a given twisting motion, the batter is thus able to rotate the bat more quickly.

What does it mean to get choked up?

: close to crying and/or having difficulty talking due to strong emotion She got all choked up when she saw her daughter in her wedding dress.