Did TransForce buy ups?

What companies does TransForce own?

TransForce, which owns many delivery and transportation businesses, operates across North America under names such ac as Canpar, ATS Retail Solutions, Canadian Freightways, and Quik X.

Did a Canadian company buy ups?

23, 2020. Canadian trucking company TFI International Inc. (TFII-T) is buying a key freight business from United Parcel Service (UPS-N) for US$800-million, its biggest acquisition as it punches into the top ranks of North American transportation carriers.

Did TFI buy xpo?

Montreal, Quebec, October 27, 2016 – TransForce Inc. (TSX: TFI, OTCQX: TFIFF), a North American leader in the transportation and logistics industry, today announced that a wholly-owned subsidiary of TransForce has acquired the North American truckload operation of XPO Logistics, Inc. (NYSE: XPO).

Does Saputo own TransForce?

Saputo owns a significant stake in a trucking company, TransForce, and has extensive investments in real estate, forest products, hotels and golf courses.

Did UPS sell their company?

UPS has decided to get out of the less-than-truckload (LTL) business, and has sold its UPS Freight division to Canadian-based TFI International for $800 million. … The sale, she said, will allow UPS to be “more laser-focused” on the core parts of its business that drive the greatest value for its customers.

When did TForce buy UPS Freight?

Just two months after buying DLS Worldwide, TFI International Inc., a Canadian transportation and logistics company, announced their plans to buy UPS Freight for $800 million. The deal was announced in late January 2021 and officially completed on April 30th.

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Why is UPS selling UPS Freight?

From the UPS website:

The decision to sell UPS Freight was reached following a thorough evaluation of the UPS portfolio, and aligns with the company’s “better not bigger” strategic positioning. … According to Freightwaves.com, UPS Freight is expected to post a $463 million operating loss for 2020.

Does Canada Post own canpar?

In parcels, Canada Post has no shortage of competitors, including UPS, Fedex, Canpar, Dynamex, plus Purolator, which Canada Post owns. The other significant line of business for the post office is direct marketing.

Is canpar a Canadian company?

Canadian owned and operated, Canpar Express has over 55 terminals, including major sort facilities in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, and more than 800 SMARTSpot locations across the country. Adaptability and innovation are vital to finding unique solutions tailored to our customers’ changing needs.