Did Marvel ever own Transformers?

Did Marvel own Transformers?

For a more serious answer, Marvel does not own the Transformer license. It’s owned by Hasbro. Since Hasbro also owns Wizards of the Coast and Legendary is made by Upper Deck, it is VERY unlikely that you’ll ever see Transformers: Legendary.

Is Megatron a transformer?

Megatron is a fictional robot from the Transformers franchise, a supervillain robot and the leader of the evil Decepticons; he has been an integral part of the whole franchise and its most famous antagonist, despite not being the strongest one. The original Megatron was the leader and warlord of the Decepticons.

Are Transformers DC or Marvel?

Transformers (comics)

Publisher Marvel Comics (1984–1991) Dreamwave Productions (2002–2004) IDW Publishing (2005–present)

Was there a Tesseract in Transformers?

Just like in the main Transformers series, the Decepticons have come to Earth to destroy our planet in order to rebuild their homeworld, Cybertron. In this continuity, however, it’s the Tesseract (a.k.a. the Space Stone) rather than the AllSpark that will accomplish this, but hey, at least they’re both cubes.

Are Transformers part of DC?

Transformers do not pass direct current (DC), and can be used to take the DC voltage (the constant voltage) out of a signal while keeping the part that changes (the AC voltage). In the electrical grid transformers are key to changing the voltages to reduce how much energy is lost in electrical transmission.

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Who owns the rights to Bumblebee?

Bumblebee (film)

Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date December 3, 2018 (Sony Center) December 21, 2018 (United States)
Running time 114 minutes
Country United States

Is hotshot Bumblebee?

Bumblebee was originally supposed to be one of the main characters of the “Unicron Trilogy” but was replaced by Hot Shot.