Can’t put up meaning?

Can’t put up meaning?

to accept or continue to accept an unpleasant situation or experience, or someone who behaves unpleasantly: I can put up with the house being messy, but I hate it if it’s not clean.

What does put up mean slang?

put up or shut up Slang. To have to endure an unpleasant situation or take action to remedy it.

What does it mean to not put up with something?

phrasal verb. If you put up with something, you tolerate or accept it, even though you find it unpleasant or unsatisfactory. They had put up with behavior from their son which they would not have tolerated from anyone else. See full dictionary entry for put.

What does it mean to put up something?

to raise something to a higher position: I put my hands up.

Will be put up meaning?

put up with. : to endure or tolerate without complaint or attempt at reprisal.

How do you use put up?

put up

  1. ​to let somebody stay at your home. We can put you up for the night.
  2. ​to suggest or present somebody as a candidate for a job or position. The Green Party hopes to put up more candidates in the next election. We want to put you up for club treasurer.
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What’s the opposite of putting up with someone?

What is the opposite of put up with?

abhor disapprove
dislike despise
detest abominate
decry deplore
disdain execrate

How do you say put up with?

Synonyms of ‘put up with something or someone’

  1. stand. He hates vegetables and can’t stand curry.
  2. suffer. She doesn’t suffer fools gladly and, in her view, most people are fools.
  3. bear. She bore her sufferings bravely.
  4. take. His rudeness was becoming hard to take.
  5. wear (British, informal) …
  6. stomach. …
  7. endure. …
  8. swallow.

What is another word for putting up with?

What is another word for put up with?

condone allow
tolerate approve
bear brook
endorse endure
warrant accept

Can put up with someone?

to be willing to accept someone or something that is unpleasant or not desirable: I don’t know why she puts up with him.