Can you spell messed up?

What is a better word for messed up?

What is another word for messed up?

upside down chaotic
messy cluttered
disorderly jumbled
muddled confused
disarrayed littered

Is messed up a bad word?

It is fairly taboo; it should never be used in official writing, will make your mother embarrassed (if you say it), and may raise an eyebrow by your friends if used too much. It has a lot of semantic overlap with entirely non-taboo (but still informal) ‘messed up’ but is not identical.

Is mess up one word or two?

a blunder; state of confusion; mix-up.

Is messed up a verb?

(transitive) To make a mess of; to untidy, disorder, soil, or muss. The afternoon breeze messed up my hair. (transitive) To cause a problem with; to introduce an error or mistake in; to make muddled or confused; spoil; ruin.

What is another way to say mess up?

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  • make a mess of, destroy or ruin. synonyms: ball up, blow, bobble, bodge, bollix, bollix up, botch, botch up, bumble, bungle, butcher, flub, fluff, foul up, fumble, louse up, mishandle, muck up, muff, screw up, spoil. …
  • make a mess of or create disorder in. synonyms: mess. …
  • disturb the smoothness of.
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Is it polite to say screwed up?

It is definitely rude if you say it toward a person, esp. like “screw you” = “f-you” It is not really rude to say “screwed up” – that’s common (casual) speech, unless you’re talking with somebody who’s unusually sensitive.

What does it mean when someone says your messed up?

someone who is messed up has emotional or mental problems because unpleasant things have happened to them.

Is screw it rude?

It isn’t considered extremely rude, but it’s not polite either. It’s usually used when your frustrated with something and you give up on it. (That isn’t considered very rude because it isn’t directed towards a person.)

How do you use messed up?

: to make a mistake : to do something incorrectly About halfway into the recipe, I realized that I had messed up, and I had to start over. —often + on She’s afraid she’ll mess up on the test. I messed up on my first attempt.

Is Disheveledness a word?

untidy; disarranged: a disheveled appearance.