Can you get a refund on Vodafone top up?

Can you refund a TopUp?

Because of the immediate use nature of a Top-Up, once a transaction has been completed and the Top-Up sent to the cited mobile number, it cannot be modified, cancelled, refunded or removed.

How do I get my money back from Vodafone?

Ans. This is done by dialling *110#, go to 7 My Account, 7 Self-Service and select 2 for Self-Reversal. Q3. Does the money reverse automatically after the self-initiation?

How do I cancel my Vodafone auto top up?

You can also close your TopUp Account by ringing 2345 (free from your Vodafone mobile).

How do I get a credit refund?

Call up your credit card provider and tell them what happened, and be ready to provide details of the time of the transaction and value of the purchase, and what went wrong. They might have to speak to the merchant first and take a few days to decide, or they could simply give you a refund on the spot.

How can I get my money back from mobile recharge?

Issue a full or partial refund in Recharge

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Locate the charge that needs to be refunded and select the drop-down arrow to expand the Charge details. Enter the amount to be refunded in the Refund by amount field. Click Refund and select Process refund when prompted.

How can I get credit from Vodafone?

To get a loan from Vodafone, you need to dial call 1241 or send ‘SMS CREDIT’ to 144. You can also dial *111*10# from your Vodafone number. From the menu that you get, you need to select the option ‘Chotta Credit’. To get a talktime loan, reply with 1 and this will credit your number with Rs.

How do I change my Vodafone credit to cash?

a. Enter *516*recipient’s number*credit in Ghana cedis*password# and send. Example; To transfer GHc 50 to 0208000000, follow the steps below; *516*0208800000*50*1234# and dial or send.

How long does it take for money to reverse?

It takes between 24/48 hours for a debit card transaction to be reversed. Of course, unlike chargebacks and refunds, reversals don’t take long because they are usually initiated before the transaction goes through officially. You see, when it comes to reversals, time is of the essence.

How can I talk to a Vodafone agent?

Vodafone Customer Support Phones

If you using your Vodafone mobile you need to dial 191. If you calling from abroad you need to dial 44-7836-191-191. If you want to join Vodafone you need to dial 0808-040-8408.

What happens if I top up early Vodafone?

If you top up by the full amount to activate your plan in the middle of your top up cycle, i.e. during your 28 days, your top up plan will reactivate, and your allowances will reset. If you want to add additional credit to your account in the middle of your top up cycle, you can top up in increments of €5, €10 or €15.

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How do I cancel my Vodafone pay as you go?

You can opt out of your recurring Extra immediately at any point during the month through your My Vodafone account, or by calling 191 free from a Vodafone mobile. The one off Extras cannot be removed as they will automatically end on the billing date of the month in which they were bought.

How can I top up someone else’s Vodafone?

Top up automatically

You can even use it to stay topped up while you’re abroad, or to top up someone else’s phone. Just download the My Vodafone app and choose Top up from the main menu and select Auto Top up.