Best answer: Why no load current in a transformer is less as compared to the no load current of an induction motor?

Why is no load current of 3phase induction motor is quite high compared to transformer?

Explain why the no load current of an induction motor is much higher than that of an equivalent transformer. loss, eddy current loss, friction and windage losses. Hence the no load current of induction motor is higher. Starting torque increases with increase in value of rotor resistance.

Why the magnetizing current of an induction motor much higher than that of a transformer?

The magnetic circuit of the induction motor has an air gap and hence higher reluctance as compared to a transformer magnetic circuit having no air gap. In order to set up magnetic flux inside the air gap of induction motor, large magnetizing current is required.

What is the magnitude of no load current as compared to full load current?

Explanation: The no load current is about 2-5% of the full load current and it accounts for the losses in a transformer.

Why no load current of transformer is not sinusoidal?

Explanation: The no-load current in a transformer is non-sinusoidal. … Explanation: Eddy current losses are directly proportional to the square of the frequency of input applied rated voltage. This loss is independent of voltage applied to the transformer. Thus, eddy current loss will increase with frequency.

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Is there current without load?

If there is no load condition, no current flows and there is no voltage drop in the series resistance, hence voltage across load is more than full load condition. … The ideal voltage source has an output impedance of 0 (zero) Ohms.