Best answer: Who did the song Wake Me Up Before You Go Go?


Who sang the jitterbug?

Did George Michael wrote Wake Me Up Before You Go Go?

Who wrote Jitterbug by Wham?

What is jitterbug slang for?

Jitterbug is a generalized term used to describe swing dancing.

Did Avicii sing his own songs?

The answer is actually surprisingly simple: Avicii doesn’t sing. … That means that every track on his debut album True is written, produced, and mixed by him…but sung by different guest artists. While other similar DJ/producers often credit their guest artists (like “Sweet Nothing feat.

What is the story behind Wake Me Up?

According to Blacc, while on the road, he kept thinking to himself that the incredible heights he had reached in life was “such a dream” and that someone should wake him up “when it’s all over”. He said the sudden realization of his unbelievably good life gave birth to the lyrics of “Wake Me Up”.

How Wake Me Up Avicii was made?

The song was written in just two hours during a jam session at Einziger’s home studio with Avicii playing keyboards and the Incubus multi-instrumentalist guitar. The duo instantly began crafting a chord progression before singing lyric-less melodies on top of it.

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