Best answer: What role do human beings play in transforming things into resources?

What is the main role of human in resource development?

It involves developing the learning, knowledge skills and ability of the worker. It increases the inter-personal relationship between an organization and its employees. Any organization that develops comfortability among the employees will see an increase in their profit phase and development.

What is the role of humans in resource development class 10?

The interdependent relationship between nature is indispensable in the process of transformation of things into a resource. Humans interact with nature via technology and create institutions and industries for accelerating the pace of economic development. Thus, humans are essential components of resources.

What is human role?

Humans and their characteristics play a key role in the technological area in the trade of IT products and solutions. … During this time, a human is expected to deliver new skills – the ability to adjust to speed, and to develop qualities such as critical thinking and emotional intelligence.

How human beings help in transformation of natural things?

The process of transformation of things available in our environment involves an inter- dependent relationship between nature, technology and institutions. Human beings interact with nature through technology and create institutions to accelerate their economic development.

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What is the role of human resources in economic development?

Human resources are playing an important role in attaining economic development of a country. Economic development of country involves proper utilization of its physical resources by its labor force and other forms of manpower for the proper utilization of production potential of the country.

How does human being developed resource?

Human Resource Development includes such opportunities as employee training, employee career development, performance management and development, coaching, mentoring, succession planning, key employee identification, tuition assistance, and organization development.

Why do you think human beings are essential components of resources?

Human beings are considered as an important resource because they make the best use of the nature to create more resources. They can do this as they have the knowledge, skill and the technology to do so. This ability is acquired by people on the basis of education received by them.

What is the role of human beings on this earth?

The main and only purpose of human life on this earth is to regain God given authority and dominion what he has lost by restoring fellowship with his creator Jesus Christ the Saviour of the world. To give service to human being is the greatest of all of living a Physical life on earth.

What is the role of human being in this existence?

The role of Human Being is to realize this co-existence, this harmony, this order in existence – For this, all that human beings need to do is: … To live accordingly – to live with the feeling of harmony or co-existence (and there is every provision in existence for living in co-existence)

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What roles does human beings have in the ecosystem?

Humans are an integral part of ecosystems. Ecosystems provide a variety of benefits to people, including provisioning, regulating, cultural, and supporting services. Provisioning services are the products people ob- tain from ecosystems, such as food, fuel, fiber, fresh water, and genetic resources.